Tuan Anh (Leo)

Tuan Anh (Leo)

Does JavaScript Promise.all() run in parallel or sequential?

Đăng ngày 9/4/2023

JavaScript is a single-threaded programming language, so it can't run multiple things at the same time, Promise.all() actually runs promises concurrently, not in parallel!. Let's dive in to see how it works.

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Eliminating Render Blocking CSS and measuring page rendering time with Performance API

Đăng ngày 3/11/2023

Learn how to improve your website's performance and enhance user experience by avoiding render blocking CSS. Using the Chrome Performance API to measure and optimize page rendering time.

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Successfully migrate all Shopify store assets to a new storefront

Đăng ngày 2/25/2023

Learn how to migrate your assets from an old Shopify store to a new one in a few simple steps. This guide will show you how to retrieve and download your images using GraphQL and Node.js, and upload them to your new store with ease.

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Introduction to Committing with Conventional Commit

Đăng ngày 1/1/2023

Conventional commit is a specific form of committing which gives software developers a uniform system for organizing and describing their changes, making it easier to keep track of updates

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Better responsive images with srcset and sizes attributes

Đăng ngày 10/25/2022

A guide to using the srcset and sizes attributes to create responsive images

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How to create an HTTPS server in localhost?

Đăng ngày 3/5/2022

The simplest way to set up an HTTPS server in Nodejs application when developing locally

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Mastering Section Rendering APIs in Shopify Online Store 2.0

Đăng ngày 9/23/2021

Learn how to leverage Section Rendering APIs to improve your Shopify store's performance and create dynamic, context-specific sections. Discover tips for querying dynamic section markup, including product and collection context

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Embedding scripts in web pages made easy with Github and jsDelivr

Đăng ngày 9/5/2021

Learn how to embed scripts and styles in your web pages without the need to modify your site's existing code. Use Github to host your script and style files, and jsDelivr as a CDN to deliver them to your web page.

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Prevent layout shift when toggling scrollbar on Window

Đăng ngày 8/16/2021

When toggling the scrollbar on the Window, the layout shifts. This is because the scrollbar is added to the Window. How to prevent this with CSS?

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Key notes while working with git

Đăng ngày 8/12/2021

Key notes to save plenty of time while working with git for command-line-developer

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Drag and Drop API keynotes

Đăng ngày 10/25/2020

Some keynotes to keep in mind when working with Drag and Drop APIs in Javascript

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Tricky use case of Array.prototype.map in JS

Đăng ngày 9/22/2020

If you are familiar with functional programming, Array.prototype.map must be a function that you work with every day. We encountered a tricky use case of it at Cốc Cốc recently, it took me a while to figure out, and here's the answer...

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When to use Function Declaration vs Function Expression in JavaScript?

Đăng ngày 9/17/2020

Learn about the differences between Function Declaration and Function Expression in JavaScript, including their definitions, hoisting behavior, and when to use each method.

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Simplify your Node.js project with module aliases

Đăng ngày 8/27/2020

Tired of dealing with complex file paths in your Node.js project? Learn how to set up module aliases using TypeScript and module-alias package to simplify your imports and improve your development experience.

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How to make HTTP requests in Node.js without installing external libraries

Đăng ngày 8/18/2020

Learn how to make HTTP requests in Node.js without adding unnecessary dependencies to your project using the built-in https module. Follow these simple steps to easily fetch JSON data from external APIs and servers.

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